• Tel Aviv Convention Centre logo pole

    Third place winner in a competition to design the logo pole for the Tel Aviv Convention centre. The pole is made of light projected on a water “screen”.

  • Givat Shmuel city hall

    First prize in a competition to plan the municipality building for Givat Shmuel. The building is located in the centre of the city, embracing a public square. On the back side of the building is the round assembly room, as a symbol of democracy. Vegetation on the edges of the plot functions as a frame and a screen between the street and the square.

  • Ilanoar community centre, Givat Shmuel

    Community centre for the local youth and elderly.

  • Beit Hayedidut, Netanya

    Community centre for the jewish immigrants from Ethiopia. The building contains a convention hall, activity rooms, offices and a court yard for gatherings. The front elevation is made of decorative concrete tiles, especially designed by the architect from reed and wood peel, symbolizing the common building materials in Ethiopia.

  • Moreshet Zvulun, Netanya

    Moreshet Zvulun elementary school

  • Villa A

  • House B

    4 dwelling units

  • Nahal Oz

  • Karlibach School, Netanya

    Elementary school.
    Designed along a main axis, the homeroom classrooms are directed north facing intimate courtyards and the administration rooms are directed south, facing the main schoolyard.
    To accommodate new educational approaches, the design incorporates various learning spaces for different sized groups both indoors and outdoors.

  • Moreshet Neriya school

    Elementary school, 28 homeroom classes, including preschool